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Pillow Insert Fit Guide

Pillow Insert Fit Guide styling guide

It can sometimes be tricky to find the perfect combination of pillow inserts and pillow covers that fit each other. The size pillow insert you need for your pillow cover depends on the fill material. There are many different types of pillow fill materials. We sell four different types: down feather, down alternative, plush polyester, and polyester indoor/outdoor. To help you choose the best combination of pillow insert size and pillow cover size, we created these helpful charts. 

Down Feather Insert Guide

We sell two different types of down feather inserts. These different inserts are available in different sizes, and are mostly interchangeable. They feel about the same and provide the same look. We offer a 10/90 down feather insert and a 5/95 down feather insert. The same rules apply for either insert type.

When selecting a down feather insert, consider how you want your pillow to look. An insert and cover that are the same size will give you a relaxed and bohemian look, while sizing up on the insert will give you a plump and full look. 

We recommend down feather inserts for the combination of firmness, weight, body and support, softness, and comfort. 

Pillow Insert Fit Guide


Down Alternative Insert Guide

Down alternative inserts provide the luxurious look and feel of down feather inserts with a hypoallergenic synthetic fill. It provides a full look that is shapable and hold form, as well as feels good to snuggle into. This is the best option for anyone with allergies. 

Follow the same rules for down inserts when selecting down alternative inserts. 

 Pillow Insert Fit Guide



Polyester Insert Guide

Plush Polyester inserts or Indoor/Outdoor Polyester inserts are a good choice if you suffer from allergies or asthma. To achieve a full look, you will want to choose a cover that is 2 inches smaller than your insert. This will help give it the plump look of a down feather insert. For a more bohemian relaxed look, choose a pillow cover that is the same size as the insert. 

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