Jona Hackner at work

In 2014, what is now HACKNER HOME, started from the dining room table of our home in Shelby, North Carolina. The initial purpose of starting a business was to be a temporary source of income while at home caring for my young boys, but what I discovered was a newfound passion. Creating items I enjoy making and others enjoy in their homes. Quickly, I realized the need for function meets beauty. I noticed my clients wanted something they could not find in a box store. Items that are true to their specific style and how they want to feel in their homes. Thoughtfully aware of how items in a home play a role on how we experience them; Their colors, texture, and function goal should be to make us feel good. Not only that, but each item should fit a mutual décor style. The overall goal is what I make, makes the customer happy. This customer-centric culture is how my business grew and continues to grow as I have implemented these values into every product I have created, from baby bedding to pet bedding and our decorative pillows.

Hackner Home Shop image

Having outgrown the dining room table HACKNER HOME studio shop is now located at 806 West Warren Street in Shelby, North Carolina.

Jona and Chris Hackner

My husband Christoph started working for HACKNER HOME full time in 2020 to support the new needs of the business. His 19 years of experience in manufacturing was a good fit. Together we make a stronger team capable of supporting the growing demand for our products.   

The Hackner Family of Hackner Home

Our boys are older now and they too are learning the business and each one has a part in helping the operations of our small family business.