Our Story

Home goods locally made and handcrafted by skilled artisans.
Jona Hackner of Hackner Home with son

Hackner Home was created in 2014 after my family relocated to North Carolina and I found myself in need of a way to make income while still having work-life balance for my young son.  Designing home goods has become a creative outlet for me that I enjoy as I watch the home décor trends and design new products. 

IJona Hackner of Hackner Home holding designer pillow started selling handcrafted, quality soft home goods through my Etsy Shop and as my business has grown, I have created www.HacknerHome.com.  I am humbled and honored for the opportunity to produce home goods that people love. It’s because of this that I have found myself with the opportunity to utilize regional weavers and seamstresses to continue meeting the demand for Hackner Home products. Every order supports artisans who are continuing a trade with historical roots in American textiles.

Since starting up, I have built my home décor business on the values of offering quality products made in the USA by local and skilled artisans.  My desire is to offer quality soft home textiles that allow you to style your home with original designs of classic taste.

Hackner Home (pronounced häk-ner, of German origin) offers upscale home goods at great prices. I work directly with local weavers to select quality weaves and fabrics. Experienced, local seamstresses sew our products.  I keep you in mind, knowing that the items you purchase from us will become part of your home and every day life. 

Happy decorating!

Jona Hackner