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How to Choose Throw Pillow Combinations by Jona Hackner

styling guide

How to Choose Throw Pillow Combinations by HACKNER HOME

Designer Pillows ~ Get the Look

Many of us love a mixed-and-matched pillow combination look. The designer look that is well thought out and original.

Choosing patterns, textures, and colors for the perfect pillow combination can be easier said than done. So, I put together a few tips to help! However, if you are not up for the journey of building the perfect pillow combo I have many beautiful pre-designed pillow combos here.

After designing hundreds of pillow combination looks for my clients over the years, I’ve learned how to tutor the process in a way that allows them to feel confident with their choices so they may express their style. 

Honestly, it all comes down to ...

  1. Choosing a Color Scheme
  2. Florals, Mixing Patterns & Scale
  3. Adding Dimension with Texture
  4. Layering Pillows by Sizes 

In this post, I will break down each step and share a few of my favorite pillow combos to inspire you to create your own or shop our pre-designed combos.



Sofa Pillow Combo by HACKNER HOME.

No. 1: Choose a Color Scheme  

Choosing a color scheme for your throw pillow combination will make the rest of the process much easier. Start by considering the colors of an area rug or wall art you want to use in the room. Your color scheme guide is these items. Choosing colors from the rug or art will pull out or 'cross-pollinate' the color in the space. This means your colors will flow around the room and visually balance. Remember, throw pillows are a great way to introduce colors into any space, create a new palette combo for changing seasons, or draw visual attention to complementing pieces throughout the room.   

If you don’t have a specific color scheme in mind, take inspiration from your favorite patterned pillow and pull-out colors from its color scheme to start a beautiful pillow combo.

How to choose a color pallet for pillow combos by HACKNER HOME.

No. 2: Florals, Mixing Patterns & Scale 

Floral designs can be a little difficult to pair with others, so choose the floral pillow you like first and from it build your pillow combo. Often these prints are multi-colored which offers an instant color pallet for your pillow combo design. The floral pattern should be an accent pillow, ten percent of the overall pillow combo design, remembering visual balance. Place a floral pillow in the center of a pillow grouping to visually balanced the overall look of a combo. This way it will set front and center visually and pull all other pillows in its grouping together in a happy balance of color and pattern play. A few examples are floral pillow combos seen below.Choosing Pillow Combinations with Floral Designs by HACKNER HOME.

Scale the patterns that are of different sizes such as Small, Medium, & Large. Putting the same scale design next to each other confuses the eye. But, remember, there are always exceptions in design. An exception to this is solid patterns which are often beautifully placed together in minimal pillow combo designs. The next tip explains this point.


No. 3: Texture & Dimension

One way to add dimension to a pillow combo is to choose a textured pillow cover. Popular high-end pillow covers are made of fabrics with boucle, velvet, chunky knit, mohair, or a thickly woven fabric like many of ours at HACKNER HOME. Boucle & thickly woven fabrics are today’s top design choices in home decor. Decorative pillow covers made of these fabrics are styled year-round. The designer tip is to incorporate different textures into your pillow combo design. This allows you to place solid patterns together tastefully. It does not matter if you place a highly textured pillow in the back or the front of the design. If the fabric textures vary it will add dimension. Not to mention doing so gives it the wow factor you are looking for. See the example below: 
How to layer decorative pillows by size by HACKNER HOME.

No. 4: Layering Pillows by Size

Layering pillows by size is one of the most important steps in getting a designer look to your pillow combo. Knowing where to put each pillow rather in a side chair, sofa, sectional sofa, or layering decorative pillows for the bed. Size matters here. Bed pillow combos are dependent on the size of your bed and can be a little complex. No worries though. I have made choosing the right bed pillow grouping for your bed size easy. Simply choose your bed size in the drop-down menu in my pre-designed bed pillow combos here.

While working with my clients to achieve their design goals I commonly ask them to measure the seat depth of the sofa, especially sectional sofas. This is the best opportunity to use both function and beauty in your design. See my pre-designed Sectional Sofa Pillow Combos here.

How to style pillows on a sectional sofa by size by HACKNER HOME.

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