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Sofa Pillow Insert Combo for All Squares ~ 6 Piece Design
Sofa Pillow Insert Combo for All Squares ~ 6 Piece Design
Sofa Pillow Insert Combo for All Squares ~ 6 Piece Design

Sofa Pillow Insert Combo for All Squares ~ 6 Piece Design

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In this pre-designed grouping you will receive your choice of Synthetic Down Alternative (Hypoallergenic) or Down Feather Premium Quality 10/90 Pillow Inserts. Chose your material type in the drop-down menu.

I T E M S: Pillow Insert size and quantities include 6 Pillow Inserts the following sizes.

            (2) 20"x20"

            (2) 22"x22" 

            (2) 24"x24"


Fit Guide: 

We use one size up insert from the pillow cover size for best full fit for square shapes. For example, for a pillow cover size 20"x20" you will use a size 22"x22" pillow insert for a full fitted look. Lumbar pillow inserts and covers fit best true to size. For example, use a 14"x20" pillow cover with a 14"x20" pillow insert. 


C O N T E N T  I N F O R M A T I O N:   

Synthetic Down Alternative (Hypoallergenic)

Ultra Soft - This pillow is made from a faux down polyester fiber (aka micro denier / down alternative) that has the same feel, weight, and characteristics of traditional down, but is hypoallergenic.

  • NO ALLERGENS | 100% Polyester fiber filling | Get the look and feel of a pure down pillow that is hypoallergenic | Cruelty-free | No feathers to poke you
  • Ultimate in softness. You will love the way these feel. Settle into the softness of a down feather feel without the pocking feathers! 
  • Use this pillow insert anywhere in your home that may need a pillow... couch, love seat, beds, day beds, reading nook. Long-lasting inserts. 
  • Shell is made of a polyester-cotton blend

 C A R E 

  • Machine washable cold | Machine dry low | Add tennis ball to drying cycle for extra fluffiness| Odorless| Fluff as needed | Lint and Dust Free


Down Feather Premium Quality 10/90

10/90 DOWN BLEND PILLOW INSERTS A lofty blend of white goose feathers and down gives our fine-quality pillow inserts the look and feel of bed pillows.

  • Premium white duck and finest down clusters
  • ethically-sourced down feather material 
  • Hypoallergenic and Sterilized Feather/Down Fill
  • Specialized filtration technology removes feathers that are larger than approx. 3cm (1.18") ensuring that no bony sharp quills will disturb your comfort
  • Covering is finely double stitched and made from 100% super soft down-proof cotton and is hypoallergenic.

For plumper pillows, order one size up in the pillow insert. The extra fill will give pillows a fuller, more luxurious look. Choose from the drop-down menu of pillow inserts that fit your style or need. 

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