How to style neutral pillows for a queen bed

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Picking out pillows can be daunting when shopping online. This guide is part of a series of guides from our upcoming design book, and it will help you style neutral pillows on a queen bed. A queen size is a popular bed size, so that’s where we are starting. 

Neutral bed scene

This guide is divided into two parts: the placement guide and the color guide. You can combine the style you like in each part to create your design. It does not matter which section you use first. If you find a certain pillow cover you would like to be the center of the design, maybe pick out other styles that look nice with that one before arranging them. If you really like a certain arrangement, then pick out pillow cover styles that work in that arrangement. It is really up to you. 


Queen bed pillow guide


The color guide is divided into two steps. First, select the background pillows. For a neutral design, we recommend choosing background pillows in interesting textures or simple patterns that draw the eye to a more bold style in the front. 

Neutral pillow styles

Pillows above: Brown Textured Linen, Plaid Windowpane - Taupe, Adelaide, Basketweave - Flax, Snowy Boucle, Woven Boho Stripe - Pale Blue, Creamy Windowpane, Linen Stripes - Coffee, Beachy

If the arrangement you like has three rows of decorative pillows (plus the sham pillows), the background pillow and the front pillow can come from a selection like the one above of neutral colors. If you have two rows, this is the background pillow style. 

Neutral accent pillows

Pillows above: Vanilla Latte Stripes, Soft Windowpane, Autumn Plaid in Taupe, Slate Plaid Windowpane, Weathered Stripe, Boho - Midnight

This selection of pillows is more bold than the previous one. In a neutral style, you still need something to stand out and grab your attention. Texture and patterns are great ways to do this. 

Examples of neutral pillow pairings

Here are a couple of examples of different pillow styles that look nice together. Each set has a focal point and other pillows that highlight the focal point well. It is important to remember that the tips in this guide are only recommendations. You are welcome to style the pillows in any way you like. If you don’t want a bold pillow as the focal point, select all neutral styles. You may want to draw attention to a piece of art, an interesting bed frame, or a bold comforter instead of the pillow arrangement. 

The important part of your design is that it shows off your personal style. Ultimately, this design is going in your house and you are the one looking at it every day. It is most important that you are happy with your design and arrangement and you want to spend time in this space. 🙂


Pete and Selena queen bed design

thehumblehacienda queen bed style




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