5 Tips to Style a Sectional Couch

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Sectional couches are a great addition to your room, but they can be incredibly difficult to style. The size of the couch can swallow your pillows whole, so it is key to select the sizes and arrangements that best balance the size of your couch. Fortunately, we have a few tried and true tips at Hackner Home to help you style a sectional. If you need help picking out pillows for your sectional, we are happy to help you!


That corner is deep, so this large pillow fills the space and makes it a more comfortable place to sit. This is the focal point of your couch and your design. This is a time when you want to use a pillow as big as possible for maximum impact.

Sectional couch corner with 24x24" pillow

This 24x24 pillow takes up the entire corner, while still leaving room for other pillows. If you’re trying to cozy up in this corner, you will have room to sit without sinking in too far. (Maybe this is a short gal problem, but I always end up looking at the backs of everyone’s heads when I sit in a sectional corner at a party. A 24×24 pillow would fix this situation.) This pillow arrangement combines function and beauty for your perfect look.


This tip really depends on the size of your sectional. Basically, every end or corner should have at least 1-2 pillows. This helps the couch be more comfortable wherever you choose to sit, and it also ties the look together.

Sectional with pillows in every corner

The pillows on this sectional by @caitlinmariedesign on Instagram really make this look stand out. They bring color and depth to the room, and she uses a variety of styles to give the couch interest. Also notice the large 24x24 pillow in the corner, which fills the space so well.

Sectional with chaise lounge

In this design, @thefontaineflat has a chaise lounge on one side of their sectional, and it does not need pillows on the chaise lounge end. The pillows would not stand on their own. This is the one exception to this rule. The corner near the chaise lounge needs that large 24x24 pillow to make it more comfortable, but you can otherwise style this type of sectional like a traditional couch.


It really depends on your decor style and the size of your couch how many different pillow styles to use. We typically recommend about 3-4 different pillow styles, and using each style once or twice on the couch. This keeps the look coherent across the couch. We recently worked with Mark from @collectivedigs to create a look for their new sectional.

Sectional with mix and match pillows

This design has 4 different pillow covers that can be mixed and matched in different combinations on the couch. They all have a similar color scheme and design feel while all also looking nice with each other. We chose this really fun deer pillow cover to be the accent and only used one. The accent pillow pulls together the design theme of the space.

Sectional end

We also used an assortment of sizes that work with each other, considering scale for the perfect layered look. Besides the accent deer pillow, we used 2 pillows of each style for a total of 7 pillows. This may seem like a lot, but these pillows can create several different looks (especially considering the size of the couch).

sectional corner arrangement of pillow

Mixing different styles keeps the look from being too matchy-matchy, while also creating a consistent look. We are always happy to help you find different pillow styles from our Hackner Home collections so you can create a beautiful look for your sectional.


Large sectionals are great, but the large size means they can come to overwhelm your space. This can be a good thing if you want one piece of furniture to serve many purposes in the space, but it can also overwhelm other decor you want to display in the space. A throw blanket is the perfect solution to this problem.

sectional with blanket in the middle

Doreen from @artofeverydayliving uses a throw blanket to scale down the couch. You don’t have to use an Hermes throw blanket, but this design shows how to use a throw blanket to split up a sectional. It is an easy place to use when you want to be warm and cozy, and it makes you see the couch on either side of the throw blanket as separate. The throw blanket offers both function and design for Doreen in her family room.

sectional with blanket over the end of the chaise lounge

Alexis from @iris_inspiredinteriors placed 2 throw blankets on the end of the chaise lounge which makes that section look shorter. By doing this, she can use smaller pillows on the chaise lounge end and still look balanced. These throw blankets also add different colors to the overall neutral room and complement the gallery wall.


Even in this article we showed you so many different examples of beautifully styled sectionals that show off the creativity of these designers. The most important thing is that you create a look you’re going to love and want to use every day. Pick colors and styles that work for you. If you want every single pillow to be different, do that. If you don’t want blankets on your couch, that’s fine too.

Here at Hackner Home, we love to help you style your space in a style that works for you. Contact us if you would like a custom pillow cover set for your sectional and check out our other styling guides for more pillow tips!

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